Internal name (SCS)

Most objects in SCS Software games have an "internal name". This includes, but is not limited to: trucks, trailers, accessories, skins... These internal names allow the game to uniquely identify an in-game object.

You can choose whatever internal name you want for your mod items, as long as you follow the next rules:

  • Internal names have to be unique. If two or more objects have the same internal name, only the last loaded item will be available in game.
  • Internal names have to be 12 or less characters long
  • Internal names can only contain lowercase letters, numbers and underscore

Internal names are often used in definition (*.sii) files and as file names for certain files.

Example - truck skin paintjob:

accessory_paint_job_data : f_8x4beabl.mercedes.actros2014.paint_job
	name: "Black Bear"
	price: 15000
	unlock: 16
	icon: "paintjob_8x4_bear_black"
[Rest of file removed]

In the above example, f_8x4beabl is the internal name for the skin.