Mods Studio 2 version: 2022.01 or newer
Written on: July 2nd, 2022

Mod Variables have two main purposes.

1. They store values that users input

This is very much like variables are used in programming. Our variables hold data that the user has entered. We have multiple types of variables, each holding different type of data - some store text, some store numbers, some store colors, etc...

2. They determine how the user input looks like

Mods Studio automatically generates the user interface according to what variables are used in a template.

Basic variable components

Each variable requires a couple of things:

  • Name - you can use this name to reference the variable later in build actions
  • Group - this determines on what tab the variable is displayed in Mods Studio
  • Text - this is the description text that the user sees in Mods Studio next to the variable input