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Q: ETS2 Studio does not start or it crashes when starting
Please verify your ETS2 Studio installation. Try re-installing it using the default install settings and with administrator privileges.

Q: ETS2 Studio crashes while exporting a mod
This probably means that E2S (ETS2 Studio) can't access the temporary folder it uses to compile a mod. Locate your E2S installation directory, and open \temp\mod directory. If there are files and/or folders inside, please delete them. Try to compile your mod again. If it doesn't work, try re-installing E2S with default settings and administrator privileges.

Q: I can't find my new trailer in the game
It takes some time for the new trailer to spawn in the freight market. Old (current) cargo in the freight market needs to expire to make room for new cargo. Try sleeping (in-game) for a day or two to allow the freight market to spawn new cargo. In rare cases, when the new trailer was loaded with cargo that spawns at just one or two companies, the chances of finding such trailer could be low. If the trailer still cannot be found, please check your game.log.txt for errors.

Q: My truck skin does not show up in the game
Before moving on, please verify that your game log does not contain any errors associated with the skin mod. In the game log, you can also verify that your skin mod was loaded by the game engine. If everything checks out, check if you have selected the right truck, right cabin variants and stock option as intended.

Q: Where can I find my game log?
Your game log can be found in your Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. It's written in the game.log.txt file. If your game crashes, there's a second file game.crash.txt that can contain useful information.

Q: What version of the game does E2S support?
ETS2 Studio is always targeted at the newest version of the game. Unfortunately, we're a small team, so we can't provide support for the older game versions. And, supporting the latest versions of the game helps prevent piracy.

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