Get ready to rev your engines, because Mods Studio is turning the big 1-0, and we're celebrating in the grandest way possible—with a truck and trailer skinning competition! Honey, we're talking vibrant decals, mind-blowing custom paint jobs, and patterns that will leave you shook. If you've got a flair for design and an eye for detail, this is your chance to shine like a chrome exhaust on a freshly-waxed rig. So polish up your skills, get those creative juices flowing, and let's make this anniversary a road trip to remember! Toot toot! 🚚🎉

Yee-haw, folks! Hold onto your trucker hats, 'cause we got a prize package that's hotter than asphalt in July! The creative genius who steals the show in our truck and trailer skinning competition will ride off into the sunset with a 600NOK Steam gift card—talk about fuel for your gaming fire! But hold your horses, that ain't all! Y'all also get a one-year free subscription to Mods Studio 2 Pro. And if that doesn't get your wheels turnin', how 'bout a customized US-style replica license plate with whatever yee-haw-inducing text you want? Now, if that doesn't put the 'win' in 'winner,' I don't know what does! 🤠🏆
This amazing announcement was written by one and only - ChatGPT4! 🤖


The winner of the competition will get a prize package consisting of:

  • 600 NOK (Norwegian Krone) Steam Gift Card - approximate value of 55 USD
  • 1 year of Mods Studio 2 Pro subscription - approximate value of 50 USD
  • US Style license plate replica - approximate value of 25 USD

* In case there are a lot of quality submissions, we might consider expanding the prize pool with prizes for runner-ups.



Competition Rules

  • To enter the competition, you have to create a Mods Studio themed truck and trailer combo. It can be either ATS or ETS2, and you can freely choose any standard SCS truck and trailer.
  • The truck and trailer skins have to be Mods Studio themed. You can freely use official Mods Studio assets. You are allowed to modify them as you wish.
  • Upload your mod to Steam Workshop or a reputable mod hosting website. Submit the link to your mod to our #competitions channel on our Discord.
  • You can submit your work all through the month of October 2023.
  • You can create and submit as many truck & trailer skin combos as you wish. They will be judged separately.
  • The winner will be selected by the Mods Studio 2 team - developers and moderators. We will judge the submissions in the first week of November. Winner will be announced by November 12th, 2023.
  • Mods Studio staff can not participate in this contest.
  • All summited works can be used by us for promotional purposes.
  • Steam gift card will be delivered directly on Steam. The value will be automatically converted by Steam.
  • To deliver the MS2 Pro subscription, we will require a valid email address.
  • To be able to receive the license plate replica, we will require a mailing address. The winner also has to reside in a country where CafePress Inc. can send items to. Postage fees are covered by us. Any possible customs fees and/or taxes are covered by the winner.


Mods Studio Assets

You can download our logo and the font we like to use by using this ShareMods link.