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Mods Studio 2 v.2020.10 released

Posted in Releases on Dec 11, 2020

Last release of the year

!!! Note: Version 2020.10 will be publicly available on our Downloads page in about a week !!!

MackTraffic.jpg Mack Anthem was added to ATS Traffic Trucks template

Hello everyone,

We have almost reached the end of 2020. It's been a wild year, full of ups and downs. I don't have to emphasize the negatives - we all are well aware of the bad things that were happening across the world. I'll rather focus on the good things.

Thanks to our Patrons, Mods Studio 2 project had a steady growth. We have managed to release 10 versions this year. That's two more than last year. We hope to keep this pace over the 2021.

Our team also grew; It never ceases to amaze me, that people are willing to spend their free time working on MS2 project! Some of them doing it for years now! Also, we have extremely helpful and knowledgeable guardian angels on our Discord, always ready to help. I couldn't do this project without any one of them!

Here's a list of people who helped me make MS2 into the success that it is (in no particular order):

  • Cadde
  • MDModding
  • _jacce_
  • m1keY
  • Lucasi
  • Russ469
  • The Redneck Ram
  • Umoxfo
  • pete_agreatguy
  • HappyWoOlf
  • Pauly's Custom Skins
  • 77kitty77

Thank you all!

What's new in v.2020.10?

RenaultPremiumTraffic.jpg Renault Premium was added to ETS2 Traffic Trucks template

Here's a quick overview of new features:

  • Added ETS2 traffic trucks: Renault Premium & Scania R (2009)
  • Added ATS traffic truck: Mack Anthem
  • Added accessory preview images for two ETS2 trailers: SCS Box & SCS Food Tanker
  • Added Freightliner Cascadia support (ATS)
  • Added support for Volvo DLC accessories (ETS2)
  • Added support for Mercedes DLC accessories (ETS2)
  • Improved coupling of traffic trucks and trailers (PRO feature)
  • Improved loading of vehicles from mods/folders
  • Various smaller UI improvements and bugfixes

Scania2009Traffic.jpg Scania R 2009 was added to ETS2 Traffic Trucks template

Tooltips.jpg We started adding accessory descriptions and images to our vehicle databse; We have completed two trailers for ETS2: SCS Box and SCS Food Tanker

ImprovedTrafficTrailerCoupling.jpg We improved the system for coupling traffic trucks to traffic trailers. (PRO Feature)

LoadVehicleImprovements.jpg Loading of vehicles from mods/folders is also improved by giving you the choice what vehicle you want to load/edit

What can you expect in 2021?

I'll try to keep the release frequency on a similar level as so far (8-10 releases per year). There's a lot of plans, unfortunately I have very little free time, so some bigger plans might take a back seat for a while. In any case, we'll continue adding new traffic trucks, maybe some other models as well. One of the priorities is to set up a new website, so the new automatic updates can be delivered to you, making updating MS2 a seamless experience. In every case, we'll continue fixing bugs, and keeping up with SCS game updates.

I'll also put some effort into tutorials (written and video). In fact, I've ordered a bunch of recording equipment, so I should be able to start recording them very soon. :)

If you have any ideas and wishes what should we do - please leave a comment - either on our Patreon page, or on our Discord server. :)

Stay safe everyone, and thank you for your continued support!


Mods Studio 2 v.2020.02 released

Posted in Releases on Apr 01, 2020

Once again, a new version of Mods Studio 2 is here!

This version was all about polishing - we fixed many bugs and made a lot of ease-of-use improvements. Also, there's some new content available for you to discover. And finally, we have a proper icon in the application!

Download is available for our Patrons on Patreon and on our Discord.
Public release will be available in a week.

So, what's new?

  • trailer mudflaps template for ATS
  • application options
  • mod compression capability (SCS games)
  • pre-loading of mod manifest data (Author name, etc...)
  • new mod manifest default icon
  • new Mods Studio 2 application icon
  • support for HS-Schoch Tuning Pack DLC
  • support for loading of trailers from mods
  • possibility to save user vehicle list in My Documents
  • included skin templates for various mods (traffic trailers, mudflaps)
  • support for images in tooltips over various lists
  • about section with live list of Patrons
  • fixed missing ADR and "valuable" option in cargo definitions
  • fixed incorrect writing of decimal values for some languages
  • fixed advanced metallic truck skins
  • fixed empty .sui files issue with SCS uploader

What's comming next?
It's simple - 3D previewer

Thank you all for your continued support !
Stay safe !

Mods Studio 2 v.2020.01 released

Posted in Releases on Mar 01, 2020


So, what's new ?

  • Added mask skins for trucks and trailers
  • Added metallic skins to trailers
  • Added 40ft reefer containers
  • Added trailer mudflaps (ETS2)
  • Added looks support to containers (up to 20 looks per container)
  • Manifest icon is now pre-filled, to make everyone's life easier
  • ... a bunch of bugfixes and under-the-hood improvements

Plans for March...
We reached a milestone - 25 patrons! (well, for a short time, at least!)
Thank you very much for that, you guys are awesome!
This also means I'll put up a poll and let you guys decide the next 3 mod templates that we'll add to MS2.
Expect a post coming up in a few days.

I'll also do one more MS2 live stream on Twitch. This time might not be that much about development, but more about using MS2, and about mods in general and how they're made.

See you soon!

Public release should come over the weekend, if there is no major bugs discovered in the next few days.