We're back with a bang!

Mods Studio 2 project is still going strong, and to prove it - we have just released one of the biggest updates to date! This update took a lot of work, some that will be very obvious to you, but also there was a lot of work done behind the scenes - on our web infrastructure.

Let's go over everything that's new...

Our new web infrastructure

If you visited our website in the last couple of months, you might have noticed that it's completely redesigned. That's because we have moved from a PHP hosting to a .NET hosting solution. We have built our new website from scratch using the same technology we used to build Mods Studio 2. Adding "on-line" functionality to MS2 is one of our oldest ideas, and it's finally possible thanks to our new web backend.

The first "real" benefit of this is, that now we have the option to manually add, activate or edit Pro accounts on our own server. Until now, we had no control over this, since Patreon was doing all of this for us.

New Patron only Pro features

Going forward, I'll make sure each new version has a couple of new Patreon exclusive features. After all, our Patrons are the driving force behind this project! 💚

This version is no different - we have two nice Pro-only features: 

  • Dark theme
  • File associations

Dark theme is self-explanatory. From now on, MS2 supports a dark theme. There's some small elements that we still have to polish and fix, but overall it looks good! 😎 The file associations are a nice additions that you can enable in the Options dialog; If you enable them, you will be able to open Mods Studio project files and TOBJ files by simply double-clicking them in Windows.

If you have any ideas or requests for Pro features, please let me know in comments or on our Discord server.

Content improvements

A huge effort was put into updating all the game content that is included with Mods Studio. This means all the information about SCS trucks and trailers and their accessories was checked for updates and errors. Also, hundreds of accessory images and descriptions were added. This will make it much easier for our users to select and skin the correct vehicle parts, since now you can hover over the parts and see how they look. 

Also, as an update of our existing content - we have added a new traffic trailer for ETS2 - the SCS refrigerated trailer. This was a request on our Issue Board, where you can also request new features or report bugs.

New mod templates

We have three new mod templates for ETS2:

  • Truck windscreen stickers
  • Truck door window stickers
  • Truck lightbox skins

All these templates were created by MDModding and feature completely new items you can add to your trucks. Some of these templates have limited number of supported trucks, but that's going to improve with our future releases.

Read our complete changelog on our Downloads page!

Our plans for the future

I expect there's going to be a new version released soon - probably in the April-May period. In the same period, we'll release a new Stream Deck plugin version as well. There is a lot of things we have planned and already talked about, so we'll simply keep on trucking! :)

Before you download...

Since this version contains a lot of changes how it communicates with our servers, you might have to re-activate your MS2 Pro version. We are also using a new email sending provider, so please check your Spam folders for our activation emails if you don't get them in your inbox. If there's any other glitches, please report them on our discord, as that's the fastest way to get help!


Mods Studio 2 v.2022.01 Download

Mods Studio 2 v.2022.01 Installer (239 Mb)
Mods Studio 2 v.2022.01 Standalone (361 Mb)


As always - Thank You for your continued support!

Marin (aka. WerewolfCustoms)