Trailers anyone? 

For this release, a significant focus was put onto trailers. Both standalone and traffic trailers. We have added many new trailers, and extra options for existing trailers. A special treat for our Patrons is the ability to use Aero chassis on your standalone trailers. Also, Patrons can now match standalone traffic trailers with traffic trucks in the same way that regular traffic trailers can be matched.

One super cool change comes "under the hood". We have added code that will prevent duplicating of the same model files, no matter how many templates or looks you add into your mod. Older versions of MS2 have simply added new model files each time you added a template. This has huge impacts on the sizes of exported traffic mods, for example.

The full change log and download links are on our Downloads page!

New AI traffic vehicles

New team member

I'm super happy to announce that our team has grown - we've gotten a new developer! You can all greet him on our Discord server under the nick @AdamLabrosse. In fact, he's responsible for majority of updates in this release, doing an absolutely amazing job!

It still leaves me speechless when people want to join our little team and help with development of Mods Studio 2.

New traffic trailer: B-double

Next releases

We're already very busy developing the new release material. For Mods Studio, we're sure there will be new AI trucks added.

For our Stream Deck plugin, we are in the middle of development of the new V.4.0. In fact, we already fixed all the problems introduced by the new Stream Deck software (versions 6 and above). We also have developed support for the new Stream Deck+, and are now adding new actions that can be used with the dials and touchscreen controller.

Also, a few bigger experiments are happening on the side... First one is a new Pro version of our 3D previewer, with ability to load full vehicles with all parts. Second one is looking into the possibility to expand MS2 onto a new game, and at this moment we're experimenting with Farming Simulator 22... (let me tell you a secret: It's looking very promising! 🐄🤠) 


💚 A big Thank You! to our patrons who are keeping this project alive! We couldn't do it without you! 💚