Here come the goodies!

Changes and additions for this version were mostly based on your wishes, requests and reports on our GitHub issue board. We've added new AI trucks for ETS2, and this time, there's a little bonus: Mercedes Benz Actros MPIV can have the front grill painted or plastic!

We completely re-made the truck engine mod template, and with it, we added some cool new Pro features for you to enjoy! One of these features is the icon gallery, where we give you a decent selection of icons for your new engines... but you can still use your icons just like you did before.

Our mod template list (the panel on the left side of the main window) has gotten some big quality-of-life improvements. Now you can group templates by type (see options to enable this!), you can re-arrange templates up and down, and you can duplicate and delete them by using the handy buttons on top of the list. Also, most templates now show the selected vehicle and your internal name, so you can quickly see what's what.


💚 Coming soon - awesome goodies for Patrons only! 💚

During October we'll celebrate 10 years of Mods Studio 2. A part of that will be a special release of some amazing new content, for Patrons only... well, at least until the new v.2024.01 comes out. So, what to expect during the month?

💚 A big Thank You! to our patrons who are keeping this project alive! We couldn't do it without you! 💚