It's here!

Yes, it's finally here. This update took some time, mainly because I had to rewrite most of the base code. This gave us support for the new Stream Deck +, it made our plugin compatible with the latest Stream Deck software and also made our plugin play nicely with plugins from other developers. 😇

Our Stream Deck website section was also updated, and split into multiple pages. This will, hopefully, make it easier to find the information that you need. I also added information about installation of SCS telemetry in case you installed the plugin from the Elgato App Store. For now, our plugin is NOT AVAILABLE on the Elgato App Store, but I have submitted it for inclusion. I hope they review it soon, and that it becomes available in the Stream Deck app.


⚠ Important upgrade information ⚠

When upgrading to this version, you MUST copy the new SCS Telemetry DLL file into your game plugins folder(s). The new telemetry DLL file is now called ms2-telemetry.dll. You can delete the old one called scs-telemetry.dll.



📜 Changelog for v4.0 📜

  • Added support for Stream Deck +
  • Added support for latest Stream Deck software
  • Added compatibility with other SCS telemetry plugins
  • Added support for uppercase keyboard keys
  • New action: Differential lock
  • New action: Suspension height (including SD+ variant)
  • Added SD+ variant: Retarder
  • Added SD+ variant: Cruise control
  • Speed limit updated to vector graphics
  • Speed limit has animated warning when speeding (PRO feature)
  • Sleep action updated to vector graphics
  • Sleep action icon now fills with blue color like in game
  • Differential lock shows warning if going too fast (PRO feature)
  • Fixed bug in range indicator when it showed km in ATS
  • Fixed formatting of time displays to show hours and minutes
  • Lift axle buttons re-made to reflect in-game truck dashboards

In a couple of days I'll record and post a short video featuring all the updates. 📺 

If you find any bugs or want to request a feature, feel free to join our Discord where we have a dedicated #ms2-streamdeck channel, or post them on our Issue board. 🙂 If you still haven't activated your PRO version, check our our Activation Instructions.


Download ⏬

You can download the plugin from our plugin Download page.


💚 Thanks 💚

Development of this plugin was entirely made possible by our Patrons

So, as always, thank you for your continued support!