Version 2023.03 is available on Patreon

As a little celebratory thank you to our Patrons, we have released a special early access version of Mods Studio 2. The features that we released in this version will be available publicly next year, in the upcoming 2024.01 release. You can see what this version contains in the changelog below.

If you are one of our awesome Patrons, you can download this release using the links in the Patreon post. If you are not a Patron, please consider supporting our project. It's what keeps this project alive. 💚(And there's some perks to go with it like access to Pro features, early releases and a special role on our Discord.)


📜 Changelog 📜

New mod templates:

  • Traffic Truck Skin (Rigid)
  • Standalone Rear Trailer (Rigid)

New content and content updates:

  • New ETS2 AI vehicle: TAM 130 Cement Mixer
  • New ETS2 standalone trailer: Cement mixer
  • New ETS2 standalone trailer: Livestock trailer (cows and pigs available as cargo)
  • New ETS2 standalone trailer: Glass trailer
  • New ETS2 standalone trailer: Dumper trailer (covered and uncovered versions)
  • Fixed Renault Premium traffic truck (missing parts, added paintable sideskirts option)
  • Updated ATS Bulkfeed trailer accessories

Bugfixes and security patches:

  • Fixed duplicating of Traffic Truck template (thanks @MarianGMC)
  • Fixed startup of 3D Previewer 🤞

UI and quality of life improvements:

  • Added help button for mod manifest multiplayer option