Mods Studio 2 v.2020.02 released

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Once again, a new version of Mods Studio 2 is here!

This version was all about polishing - we fixed many bugs and made a lot of ease-of-use improvements. Also, there's some new content available for you to discover. And finally, we have a proper icon in the application!

Download is available for our Patrons on Patreon and on our Discord.
Public release will be available in a week.

So, what's new?

  • trailer mudflaps template for ATS
  • application options
  • mod compression capability (SCS games)
  • pre-loading of mod manifest data (Author name, etc...)
  • new mod manifest default icon
  • new Mods Studio 2 application icon
  • support for HS-Schoch Tuning Pack DLC
  • support for loading of trailers from mods
  • possibility to save user vehicle list in My Documents
  • included skin templates for various mods (traffic trailers, mudflaps)
  • support for images in tooltips over various lists
  • about section with live list of Patrons
  • fixed missing ADR and "valuable" option in cargo definitions
  • fixed incorrect writing of decimal values for some languages
  • fixed advanced metallic truck skins
  • fixed empty .sui files issue with SCS uploader

What's comming next?
It's simple - 3D previewer

Thank you all for your continued support !
Stay safe !

Posted in Releases on Apr 01, 2020.


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