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The newest version of Mods Studio 2 was released today. You can read the changelog and get the software from our downloads page. There's a couple of topics I'd like to cover. Here's a little overview, so you can skip the items that you're not interested in...

In this article:

  1. Release process and file hosts
  2. Play around with mod templates
  3. Support the project
  4. Next couple of updates

Release process and file hosts

Last version was initially only released on That made most sense for us, since pays the best for downloads. Soon, we realized that in some countries the website is blocked, and we needed to provide an alternative. We decided to use as a mirror, but this instantly undermined our Patreon rewards. You see, our Patrons get a perk of being able to download MS2 instatnly with no restriction, and Sharemods in essence offers the same. That's why with this version, we tried a new approach of giving our Patrons an early access to the new version. This seems to be a good approach, and we'll keep doing it for the next releases as well. Of course, we'll keep an eye on the whole thing and adjust if necessary.

Play around with mod templates

The whole idea of MS2 is that users can extend it by creating and/or editing mod templates. We would absolutely love it if you guys gave it a try. To get you started, we created an introductory article on our website: Creating new mod template. Take a look and let us know if we need to explain things a bit further. Also, rest assured we'll expand our documentation section of the website.

Support the project

There's many ways to support us. But, the one way that stood out the most in the last few weeks is Patreon. Yes, you can become our patron on Patreon! In fact, we already have 8 Patrons to whom we're extremely grateful for their support. Our Patreon campaign is set up in a way to motivate us to have regular updates, as we only get money from our Patrons when we release a new version. This is the best way to make this whole MS2 project last and have constant updates.

Next couple of updates

We already have a couple of updates planned out. Like always, we'll try to improve the stability of our app. We had a lot of initial issues due to using .Net Core 3, but were overcoming more and more of them with each new release. Also, our UI needs more work - both on the design and the functionallity side of things. Here's a list of things to come in the next few updates - mind you, it's not final, or a fixed prommise... it can change:

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes
  • User interface design and functionallity upgrades
  • More user input validation to prevent common mistakes
  • More help content on the website
  • New graphic content: Default mod manifest icon, Default workshop icon(s)
  • New UI graphics: Mod template icons, App icon
  • New mod templates: gearbox mod, various accessories mods, (...)
  • Improved mod templates: adding metallic and mask skins, accessory skinning for trailers
  • New UI for adding and editing mod trucks and trailers
  • ... and more.

Hope you like our plan. We'll try to keep you updated and posted with behind-the-scenes articles here on our website as often as we can. We're a tiny team (most often a one-man-band) and it's a strech to work on so many things at the same time.

See you soon!

Posted on Nov 01, 2019.


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