Privacy Policy

Last update: 09. August 2020

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Cookies
  3. Roadside Studio API
    1. Mods Studio 2 Pro features registration

1. Introduction

We at Roadside Studio care deeply about your privacy, in the same way as we care about our own. We do everything we can to limit the amount of data that we collect and/or store to the bare minimum. Also, we do not use any tracking services to improve traffic, sales or other metrics. (The evil Pixel ones!) We're just regular people making things that we feel passionate about; We're not here to milk you out of your last penny, and thus we do not need to know what you had for lunch yesterday.

We're not lawyers. That means, this document is probably pointless to begin with. Everything written on this page is true - to the extent of our knowledge. Also, we will do our best to keep it up to date.
The best way to keep your data safe is to not share it in the first place.

Any questions about privacy can be sent to and I'll do my best to reply as soon as possible (Might take me days, I'm sorry - but I'm swamped with emails!)

This document might be written as a joke, but rest assured, we take privacy seriously!

2. Cookies

Everyone likes cookies. I like the ones that are crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. Add chocolate chip, and I'm in heaven.

At some point, someone sitting in their office with too much time on their hands came up with a brilliant idea that they will save the world by forcing companies to ask people for permission to use cookies. The browser kind, not the baked ones. Well, that someone obviously didn't realise that no modern website can function without cookies nowadays, so... the thing is - We use cookies! If you don't like it, you better leave. Maybe try But I'm sure they use cookies as well... 

As we mentioned - we're not trying to track you, but there is some services that we use on this website and there's also some cookies that our website needs. Let's try to list what they are...

  • Session cookies - they let us know if we're logged in. It's for us - admins of the website. They should have no impact at all on you.
  • Google AdSense - we show some ads using Google AdSense, and we all know Google can't live without their cookies. They probably leave a couple of them in your machine. They are trying to show you ads that are relevant to your interests, so you click on them and spend money. To do that, they have to track what you look at, so better keep it clean!
  • Google Analytics - as of writing, there is no analytics active on this website. (Oversight, really!) We'll add analytics in a few days, so I'll just leave this in here. We'd like to know how many people visit our website and where you come from. As far as we know, all the data in GA is anonymous, and cannot be tracked down to individuals.

3. Roadside Studio API

We have an API (Application Programming Interface) set up so we can do some cool things. Like, have a Pro version of Mods Studio 2, or have a notification in MS2 telling people there's a new version out... and stuff like that. Since the API is supposed to handle many things, we'll explain what data we use for each of the use cases...

  1. Mods Studio 2 Pro features registration - we collect your email, so we can somehow identify if you're our Patron or not. We save the date when you activated your MS2 copy, and that's about it. Nothing else. :)