Mods Studio 2 Pro

What is Mods Studio 2 Pro?

Mods Studio 2 Pro is a version of Mods Studio intended to give our Patrons some additional features and perks. All core functionality is available in regular, free version of Mods Studio. You can see all the extras in the comparison list below.

How to activate Mods Studio Pro?

We've written a complete guide that will help you activate your copy of Mods Studio 2 and MS2 Stream Deck plugin!
Click here: Activation Help

Compare versions

Free Pro
Multiple games supported (ATS, ETS2)
All mod templates included
Tools included (3D previewer, UV exporter, ...)
Priority support on discord server (dedicated channel)
Early access to new MS2 app releases
User interface themes (Dark mode)
Ability to connect traffic trucks and trailers
Option for AI trailers to spawn only with matched trucks
Windows explorer integration (file associations)
Additional Stream Deck plugin button actions
Ability to change the cargo icon
Aero chassis for trailers
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