Activation Help

Mods Studio 2 version: 2022.01 or newer
MS2 Stream Deck Plugin version: 2.1 or newer

Written on: June 12th, 2022

If you experience problems activating Mods Studio 2 or MS2 Stream Deck plugin, please download our MS2 Activation application.

Download MS2 Activation app

Table of contents

  1. Activation app download and installation instructions
  2. Activation steps
    1. Detecting previous licenses
    2. Verifying pro status
      • What to do if your email address was not found?
    3. Verifying email address
      • What to do if you did not receive the email confirmation link?
    4. Optional - Verifying email address using our backup method
    5. Optional - Activation with product key
    6. Activation completed

1. Download and installation instructions

Start by clicking the download button above; This will take you to the ShareMods web site where we host all our files for download.
On the ShareMods page, click the "Create download link" button. After 5 seconds, this button will change to "Start download". Click the button again to start the download. Save the file onto your hard drive. Some browsers start the download automatically. Check your browser's Downloads, or check your Downloads folder on your hard drive.

The file you downloaded should be named and it should be approximately 62MB in size. The file is a Zip archive.

After downloading, you need to extract and unpack the zip file. You can do this using a specialized app like WinZip, WinRAR, 7zip (or something else), but in most cases, you can do it directly in your Windows Explorer. Right click on the file and select the option that offers to "Extract files" or "Unpack files" or similar.

After you extracted the files, open the folder where you unpacked them and run ModsStudio2Activation.exe by double clicking on it. The executable file is easily recognizable by our Mods Studio 2 icon.

This is the welcome screen you should now see:

Mods Studio 2 Pro Activation Wizard Welcome Screen

2.1. Verifying pro status

In the second step of the activation app (wizard), we'll check your system if you already have a valid license. This process is automatic. It might take a couple of minutes to complete.

This is how it looks while the license is being checked:

MS2 activation Step 1

And this is how it looks if your Mods Studio 2 license was found and verified:

Most likely, you do not have a license, so this is the screen you'll see:

2.2. Verifying email address

In step 2, we'll check if you have a valid PRO subscription. We'll do this by checking if your email address is in our database where we keep email addresses of our PRO users. This includes Patrons, Developers, and users that we manually added (such as giveaway winners, etc...). 

If we cannot find your email address in our database, we'll try contacting Patreon directly via their API. This is a fallback method, just in case if our own servers are broken. 

This is how the wizard looks while we're searching for your email address:

And, this is how it looks when we find your address:

In case your email address wasn't found, this is the screen you'll see:

What to do if your email address was not found?

Here's a couple things you can do:

  • Make sure your Patreon membership is current, and that your payment went trough. 
  • If you're a brand new Patron (Thank you!), please give Patreon a chance to process your data and to forward it to us.
    In most cases this takes just a few seconds, but we have seen cases where it took up to two hours.
  • If you still can't activate - please contact us on Discord. We can manually verify your info, and generate an activation code that you can use in the wizard (see: Activation with product key)
  • If discord is not your cup of tea, you can contact us via Patreon messages or emai: or - but since we get swamped with support request emails, it might take a while for us to get back... Discord is probably the fastest way.

2.3. Verifying email address

After we determined that the PRO account associated with the email address is active, we need to verify that this email address, in fact, belongs to you. You wouldn't believe how many people try using our email addresses to activate their Mods Studio... to no avail. 

In step 3, we send out an email with an activation link. This is how it looks when the email has been sent:

Leave the wizard open while you are checking your inbox! This is how the email message should look:

Click the button that says "Activate Mods Studio 2 Pro". This will open a web page on our server. This is how it looks:

What to do if you did not receive the email confirmation link?

First, make sure our email did not end up in your spam folder. Also, wait up to 10 minutes for the email to get delivered. If you still did not get the email, you can send a backup email. In case our email sending service does not work, or that our servers are down, you can still verify your email by clicking on the "Did not receive email?" link in Step 3 of the wizard.

2.4. Optional - Verifying email address using our backup method

Once you click the link in Step 3, we'll ask you to confirm:

After you click Yes, we'll send a confirmation code using our backup email account (Gmail).
The wizard will ask you for a confirmation code like this:

And this is how the email with the backup code looks like:

Copy the code from the middle of the email into the wizard, and click the "Find" button.

2.5. Optional - Activation with product key

Last method of activation is using the activation product key. To activate Mods Studio 2 using the key, click the "Click here if you have an unlock key" link on the welcome screen. This is what you'll see:

Enter your email address into the first box, and your activation key into the second box. Click the "Activate" button.

2.6 Activation completed

Once you successfully completed the activation (using any of the above methods), this is the screen you'll see:

This wizard activates both Mods Studio 2 and MS2 Stream Deck plugin.

Thank you for supporting our project!