00:00 DXT5 Option setting
00:30 Setup basic mod to showcase dxt 5 option
01:03 Add AI Traffic Trailer
01:26 Add AI DAF EU6 traffic truck
02:06 Add AI Scania S NG traffic truck
03:06 Add AI Volvo 2012 traffic truck
03:40 Add SCS box curtain sider trailer skins
05:16 Add DAF EU6 advanced truck skin
07:17 Add MAN TGX EU6 advanced truck skin
08:54 Add Scania S NG advanced truck skin
12:54 Add Volvo 2012 advanced truck skin
13:26 Correct Scania S NG Sunshield accessory
16:19 Check project files to see if I missed anything
16:42 Save MS2 project just in case need to amend or add anything later
17:08 Export mod ready to use in ETS2
17:48 Load ETS2 to test using test profile
19:09 Test owned trailer skin
19:56 Test DAF eu6 truck skin
22:00 Test MAN TGX eu6 skin
23:38 Test Scania S NG skin
26:20 Test Volvo 2012 skin
29:08 Test AI traffic skins