Written on 1st Nov 2022 using MS2 v2022.1

Simple Engine Mod

To create an engine mod, you will have to enter some values into the Mods Studio 2 editor. Here is an overview of all the values and what they do:

1. Truck

First, you need to select the truck your new engine mod will be for. MS2 offers a selection of all truck types; i.e. both default SCS trucks and any modded vehicle XML templates you have installed.

2. Basic

Engine Internal Name

Most objects in SCS Software games have an "internal name". This includes, but is not limited to: trucks, trailers, accessories, skins etc. These internal names allow the game to uniquely identify an in-game object.

You can choose whatever internal name you want for your mod items, as long as you follow these rules:

SCS internal names should ...

  1. be unique (i.e. no internal name should be the same in your mod project)
  2. be no more than 12 characters long (including use of numbers)
  3. not use special characters (including dot "." and underscore "_")

e.g. vv12edsto01, rjlsedsto01, penlogdry, penlogcurt, stralisEMMS etc.


Engine Name

String only (i.e. use characters, numbers and spaces only). No limit on length but keep it concise so that users known what exactly your mod is offering. We recommend no more than 40 characters. User will see this in the workshop above the engine icon.

e.g. MAN V10 D2840, Scania V8, Chiptuned mx13 for DAF Euro 6 etc.


Engine Price (total)

Most accessories, tuning parts and vehicles in SCS Software games, have a in-game price. Price is defined in in a default currency first and the game automatically converts it to other currencies (if set different to the default). Enter the price you engine will cost in game.

Integer (number). Defaults to ...

ATS = US Dollars ($)

ETS2 = Euros (E)

If set as zero (0), the item will not be visible to the player.


Unlock at level

Integer (number).

The minimum level the player must achieve before the engine becomes available in the store.

If set as zero (0), the item will be visible to the player from the very beginning.


Engine Overrides

Optional: Here you can specify what parts/configurations this engine forces upon selection. For instance, when a Volvo (2012) 16 litre engine is selected, it forces the FH16 (grey) grill instead of the black one. Also, it changes the badges on the truck cab. Similarly, Scania trucks have different grill colours and badges corresponding to V8 and non-V8 engines. 

Reference: List of override examples used by SCS Software in Euro Truck Simulator 2
Reference: List of override examples used by SCS Software in American Truck Simulator


3. Power

Engine Torque

This is the pulling power that this engine produces (max output torque of the engine in Nm). The game calculates horsepower based on this value.


Engine RPM Limit

The maximum revolutions (revs) this engine can achieve (engine speed).


Engine Volume (litres)

Engine capacity, in litres. 16100 cc engine is thus 16.1L.


Engine AdBlue Power Limit

How much power in percentage the engine loses if the Ad-Blue tank is empty.


4. Info

Declared Power (HP)

Power displayed on the engine icon and truck analysis. This is not the actual power the game uses for simulation. Horsepower is calculated based on Torque and RPM.


Optimal RPM From

RPM range in which the stated torque is achieved - lower number. Only for workshop icon display purpose.


Optimal RPM To

RPM range in which the stated torque is achieved - higher number. Only for workshop icon display purpose.


For detailed information, please view the following resource:

Resource: SCS Wiki Accessory Engine Data Page